Dermaplane Facial

Dermaplane Facial

Dermaplane Facial

Enjoy the pure joy of seeing your skin look refreshed and glowing after our dermaplane facial—an amazing skin care experience that treats your skin like a princess. A sophisticated exfoliation method is used in this unique facial, and it does amazing things for your face.

Think of it as a light sweep that is done by one of our highly skilled estheticians with a clean, medical-grade blade. This blade carefully cuts away both dull, dead skin cells and the fuzzy, tiny hairs on your face that are called vellus hairs. As a result, after a facial, your skin feels very smooth and is ready to take in all the good things that the nourishing products we use do for it.

A dermaplane facial isn't like any other skin care practice; it's like starting over with your skin and letting it rest while other treatments work their magic. This is the key to getting smoother, brighter skin, and we're proud to offer you this advanced facial treatment at Queenies Beauty. It will make you feel great about your improved confidence.

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