Custom Facial

Custom Facial

Custom Facial

Our custom facial at Queenies Beauty is the best way to get personalized skin care. You and your skin are the only ones who matter in this process. During a 60-minute session, our skilled estheticians look at your skin carefully to figure out what problems and wants it has. Their next step is to make a skin treatment just for you, whether it's for your face or back.

There are several steps in the custom facial that make your face feel great. First, you clean your skin. Then, you gently get rid of dead skin cells to make it look new. The steam will help your pores open up, and if they need to, our estheticians can remove your skin or give you a nice massage. After that, a special mask is put on to give your skin a healthy boost. Next, your skin is moisturized, treated, and protected. 

To make your face happy and healthy, we use high-quality items and unique tools. We want your skin to look and feel great here at Queenie Beauty. Our custom facial will take your skin care to a whole new level because it's based on what your skin needs the most.

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