Back Facial

Back Facial

Back Facial

Our back facial at Queenies Beauty will help you relax and feel better. This treatment is good for your face and feels like a short vacation for your back. Our very skilled estheticians will walk you through the whole process and make sure you have a truly relaxing and rejuvenating time.

Our professionals do a number of things to your back as part of the back facial. First, they wash your skin, and then they gently scrub it to get rid of dead skin cells. To open up your pores, steam is used. If there are any problems or blocked pores, our estheticians can treat them with a light extraction. Also, you can get a massage that will relax you all over. Your face will not only look better but also feel great when the treatment is over. 

You can trust that our skilled professionals will give your back the care it needs, leaving you with fresh, glowing skin. It's not just about your skin; it's about how healthy you are overall. So take it easy and let us take care of your back.

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